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It is now staying darker longer in the mornings and getting darker earlier in the evenings. 

Many of us get caught out with no lights or think "I won't need lights tomorrow"

or forget to charge our lights or do not check that batteries need changing until it is too late. 

Please, do not let this be you.

The safety of cyclists is often a highly spoken topic and Yellow Jersey is proud to sell Bontrager lights. 

Trek and Bontrager have put many resources into cycling safety and we believe their Daytime Running Lights are top of class. 

These lights are exceptional in the dark also.

The Ion 800 R front light packs the power of light into a sleek design for use at home or on any road, mountain or town bike.
Bright and compact, the Ion 800 R is powered by a CREE LED that lights up the road or trail with 5 still or flashing modes and an adjustable sync bracket for easy mounting.
Think of it as a USB-rechargeable torch.

The Ion 350 R front light comfortably mounts to helmet or bars and provides 350 Lumens to light the path or trail.

CREE optics and a focused beam pattern couple with 5 unique modes to let you see at night and be seen during the day. Easy on/off with the included Quick Connect bracket makes recharging via the included USB cable quick and easy.

Flare R rear lights can be seen from over 2km, day or night. It's 65 Lumens of power and 270-degree visibility help to make you the biggest distraction on the road.
Two day-time visibility modes and two night modes.

Battery save mode at 5% life helps to ensure a safe ride home with a depleted battery

The Flare R City rear light has 35 lumens of power, is daytime-visible and designed for the city.
A wide beam spread, focused optics and an interruptive flash pattern make it visible from over 400m during the day.
The included Quick Connect bracket offers simple removal for recharging via the included USB cable.

Why Lights During the Day?

When cars did it, they reduced accidents by 25%. And motorcycles saw a 13% drop. Bicycle Daytime Running Lights just make sense. All existing research indicates that the single best way for a cyclist to increase the likelihood of being seen by a driver is to use a flashing light that’s daylight visible.

Bontrager’s Daytime Running Lights (DRL) have unique properties that allow them to be seen during the day.
FOCUS - Creating a light visible in the daylight requires intentional design. By directing or amplifying output, DRLs intensify the beam or extend its range. Without this, a light may appear bright, but will not be noticed in the day.
FLASH - Most rear lights use a steady flashing pattern. This pulsing is less noticeable than one that continually varies its intensity and pattern. The Day Flash setting featured on Bontrager Daytime Running Lights was created to specifically increase noticeability with varying outputs and an interruptive flash pattern.
RANGE - DRLs are brighter than what you would use at night in order to give drivers more reaction time. Bontrager DRLs are detectable from a greater distance than other lights, to over 2km away in daylight conditions given the specific model.

Battery charged lights:

It is compulsory and illegal in Queensland to ride without lights.  However, we are firm believers in that lights are paramount to rider's safety.  Anything from a small round flashing light (we sell a Bontrager Glo/Ember set for $29.95) to one of the below battery charged lights below to a DRL is better than no light.